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Easy Climber Stairlift

Easy Climber Stairlift
Easy Climber

All Easy Climber stair lifts come standard with a safety belt to keep you firmly in place during the ride and a swivel seat to get your feet safely on the floor. It is equipped with a safety sensor which stops the Easy Climber stair lift if something is obstructing the path.

If the power goes out when you’re riding the Easy Climber, the backup power system will safely lead you to your destination. Even if the electricity is out for more than a few minutes, the Easy Climber will ensure you can get back downstairs or upstairs safely.

In cases where multiple people in the home need the assistance of a stair lift, this is not an issue. The Easy Climber comes standard with two remote controls. If the Easy Climber is at the bottom of the steps, and you are upstairs, you can use the remote control to call the Easy Climber to the top of the stairs!

The Easy Climber is designed to be the no-hassle solution to your mobility concerns.