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Home Elevator Convenience & Mobility

Do you want to make life easier for yourself by not worrying about carry bags upstairs?   Do  want to improve mobility issues and add value to your home at the same time.  A home elevator or wheelchair lift can solve all of these issues.  A elevator be installed on any load-bearing wall in your home, ensuring you can move easily and safely from floor to floor.


  • No more struggling on the stairs.
  • Carrying laundry, luggage,  almost anything – between floors has never been easier.
  • Safe, dependable and affordable.
  • Wheelchair elevator and lifts.



Why use The Elevator Company?

Love where you live, but tired of your stairs? If mobility issues are affecting you, consider a Elevator Company Home Elevator and discover how a residential elevator might just be the perfect solution for you.

  • Enhance your life & Improve accessibility in your home
  • Affordable Pricing on ALL products and services
  • One of highest quality products in the industry
  • Call back turnaround within 24 hours 98% of time
  • Competitive Service Contract Agreements
  • Quick turnaround on new Installations and Repairs


The Elevator Company, LLC has over 100 years of combined experience in the installation and service of various types of elevators. Our commitment to “Helping Others – Help Themselves” started in 1979 when Bud and Martha Hulgan founded Elevator Maintenance and Repair Co., Inc. (EMR) in Chattanooga, TN with their three sons – based on this principal. EMR specialized in commercial, residential and mobility equipment and was awarded the prestigious Chamber of Commerce Small Business Award. In 2001, EMR sold its commercial division and because of the sell was forced to change the company name – thus, American Elevator Co.

What’s The Buying Process?

With a team of CEI Certified mechanics with state certified elevator cards to do all installations, services and repairs, The Elevator Company can lead you through the entire elevator process; from education to product selection to installation. Easy and Straightforward.


With 100 years of combined experience, thousands of installs, super fast turnaround times and certified installers, it’s our process and commitment to our customers that truly sets us apart. Professional, affordable and honest.

What our clients Say

I would recommend The Elevator Company over any other elevator installation company. They were very detailed about the project from start to finish. There was no hidden cost and they offered quality products.

Michelle Clark

Nashville, TN

The Elevator Company made the entire buying process fast and simple.  They were very professional and honest.

Robert Jackson

Augusta, GA

An old service elevator company will soon be the home of a place that provides service for veterans. The land at the corner of Peeple’s street and East 11th Street in Chattanooga will soon be the “Chattanooga Unite Veterans Resource Center.”

American Elevator also known as The Elevator Company relocated in the early 2000’s, JoeDee Hulgan and family members presented the site to the Southeast Tennessee Veterans Coalition Wednesday morning.

The conditions of the donated land are that the site will be for the sole purposes of serving veterans. Southeast Tennessee Veterans Coalition plans to provide services including transitional housing, on-site counseling, a group room, healthy recreation and therapeutic gardening. The Chattanooga Unite Veterans Resource Center concept is to be proactive and treat a veteran on release from active duty so that homeless doesn’t occur. Contractors began the land clearing process and removing debris from the vacant lot. No specific timeline for construction, but the coalition hopes to have this center built in the next year