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Savaria Telecab Elevator


Better Mobility for Life

SAVARIA Telecab Elevator: The Vanishing Elevator

One of the easiest and quickest ways to add an elevator to your home is with the Savaria Telecab “through the floor” home elevator. This unit requires minimal construction because no elevator hoistway is required for installation. Its modern design accommodates 2 stops making it our most economical elevator.

This innovative “vanishing” elevator travels on a guide rail system through a floor cut-out. The modern appearance of the Telecab blends into your home decor and the enclosed drive tower keeps mechanical components out of site and safe. This unit is a good option for those with reduced mobility. Your Telecab elevator comes with interior lighting and is finished in white powder coat. If you’re considering a home elevator, but are worried about space, the Savaria Telecab home elevator may be just right for you.

Fully enclosed drive tower designed for safety and aesthetics means that no hoistway
or under-unit pit is needed

  • Two stops and up to 20′ (6 m) of travel, standard cab of 30″ x 46″ x 78″ tall with optional
    sizes available
  • White powder-coated finish with choice of clear or bronze acrylic window panels
  • Vacuum-formed ABS plastic trim and mouldings for an enhanced appearance
  • Continuous pressure push buttons on board and for hall call stations
  • Detector built into the cab roof to stop the unit from moving up when it senses
    pressure on top of the unit
  • Available in different configurations for entry/exit and larger cab sizes
  • Safety features include: inside lighting, emergency stop and alarm buttons, battery
    lowering in case of power failure, telephone, non-skid platform, under-pan sensor
    to stop the unit if it meets an obstruction, pressure relief valve to prevent platform
    overload, electro-mechanical door lock, slack chain safety device
  • Options include: battery power for up/down, two-door for left and right access,
    keyed call station, custom cab sizes, custom colors, motorized door operation,
    hydraulic door closer, 24 volt battery operator model

Applications:  Residential, indoors

Capacity: 500 lb (228 kg)

Maximum Travel Distance: 23′ (7 m) with 2 stops

Nominal Speed: 20 ft/min (0.10 m/s)

Minimum Floor Cutout: 36″ x 60.5″ (914 mm x 1537 mm)

Minimum Overhead Required: 92″ (2337 mm)

Drive: 2:1 roller chain hydraulic

Motor/Pump: 120 VAC, 3 hp gear type

Optional Configurations: Type 1, 2 and 5

Cab Sizes:

W30″ x L46″ X H78″ (762 mm X 1168 mm x 1981 mm) Type 5 (Standard)

W32″ X L53″ X H78″ (813 mm X 1346 mm X 1981 mm) Type 5

W30″ X L47″ X H78″(762 mm X 1194 mm X 1981 mm) Type 1, 2

W32″ X L54″ X H78″ (813 mm X 1372 mm x 1981 mm) Type 1, 2

Optional Cab Finishes: Custom color powder coat.

Other Options: Battery power for up/down, two-door for left and right access, keyed call station, motorized door operation, hydraulic door closer, custom cab size, flush-mount or surface-mount call send station. The unit can also be ordered as a 24-volt DC version.