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A residential elevator from The Elevator Company, LLC  can be created to both meet your needs and match your taste. Every home elevator we install will provide you with safe access to all levels of your home.

Nearly invisible!

Your elevator can be designed to match the existing woodwork, cabinetry and hardware fixtures in your home. It can fit in a space as small as 4-1/2 by 4-1/2 feet. Many architects and builders are “roughing in” space for a future elevator that is used as a closet in the mean time. No two-story home should be built without this provision for the future.

Increase the resale value and marketability of your home.

Baby boomers looking for newer housing want a house they can stay in. An elevator addresses concerns of potential buyers concerned about future accessibility needs for themselves, their friends and their relatives.

An accessible home is a home for life.

No need to move out of your home when you encounter mobility problems. An elevator can also provide privacy and easy access for aging parents.


The Elevator Company offers a wide variety of elevator options. Click on the brands below for a full detailed description.