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Hide-Away Safe Room – Schools

Hide Away Storm Shelter

Hide-Away Safe Room – Schools

The solution to school security we’ve all been looking for …

  • Provides complete protection, even from military grade weapons
  • Fast, convenient and effective
  • Protects an entire classroom – not just a single person
  • Does not involve more guns as part of the solution – no armed guards
  • No ongoing expenses – salaries for security guards
  • One-time cost, low maintenance

The Hide-Away Safe Room can provide safe haven for students, faculty and staff in the event of an armed intruder. It installs in the front of a classroom, behind the chalkboard or whiteboard, and only takes up 19″ of floor space from the wall. In the event of an alarm, it deploys in just seconds, and is capable of holding an entire classroom, up to 25 students and a teacher. The door locks from the inside to prevent an intruder from gaining access. The unit is made of ballistic steel capable of withstanding a 30 caliber armor piercing round – the same material used in military grade equipment.

The country is looking for a solution to armed intruders entering schools. It’s sad, but the history of these events go back to the birth of our nation. http://www.ask.com/wiki/List_of_school_shootings_in_the_United_States

Classroom illustration with the Hide-Away Shelter


Classroom illustration with the Hide-Away Shelter

Here is a list of some of the alternate solutions. If you have another, please contact us and we’ll add it to the list.

Armed guards
• Introduces more guns onto the premises
• Attacker would/could target the armed guard first, then what?

Armed staff
• Not every school would have a staff member comfortable, or capable in this roll
• Where would the gun be kept, and how would it be accessed? What if it was not convenient at the time of intrusion?

Lock down systems – Sandy Hook had a security system that prevented people from entering without being buzzed in, but it did not prevent the tragedy.

Camera surveillance systems – Won’t do anything to stop an attack.

Bullet proof white board shields
• Does not protect the entire body
• Has to be held by someone strong enough to lift it
• What about young students?
• Would not protect against a persistent attack

Bullet proof clothing
• Does not protect the entire body
• Couldn’t get an entire class to wear it
• Couldn’t get students to wear it every day, all day long

We all want to find the perfect solution. Until then, we have the Hide-Away.

Hide-Away Safe Room
Hide-Away Safe Room


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